Improv for Everyone
Rob Schiffmann

I am sitting in a Hy-V, which is a supermarket chain in the midwest. I went looking for a place to get some work done in the lovely little small town of Okoboji, IA and this is the closest they have to an internet cafe type of thing. They ‘sell Starbucks coffee’ here. So, I have my Chai and I am at a makeshift table, listening to Earth Wind and Fire on the speakers and staring out at a lovely vista of feminine hygiene products. Oh, life on the road…


​Tonight, I will be performing with Broadway’s Next Hit Musical at the Pearson Lake Arts Center. This is another example of a town where you would not expect to find a lovely theater that brings in the arts from around the world and yet, we find ourselves here and in so many ‘heres’ throughout the country. It seems a little daunting to bring the strange art form in which we participate to people for whom John Deere is an ever present brand and yet, we will likely find common ground. I would think that this is because improvisation is universal. We ALL improvise every day. We all know what it is to have a plan but need to adjust that plan in the moment to the people and circumstances around you. 

And so, we will go forth as the good little improv ambassadors we are, bringing interactive comedy and a sense of play to the masses. The audience will laugh along with us, I’m sure, because in the end, we are all in this together and improvising to get through our days. So, appropriate to my current view from my table at the Hy-V…

Let’s MAXI this PAD!